Jackie Hart came out of west Tennessee. Jackie raced during the decade of the 60's mostly on the west Tennessee tracks.

Pictured below is Billy Riddle's restored #108.

The 108 car was built by Jackie Hart and raced in the sixties. The 108 is probably 95 percent correct on restoration, with students at North Side High School (Jackson) doing most of the restoration.

The car has a V-8 Chevy engine, 48 ford 3-speed trans, 48 ford 3/4 ton rear end with enclosed shaft. There is no clutch, car has direct drive just like they ran back then.

Pictured below is what Billy started with on his restoration.

More pictures and information about their restoration of vintage race cars will be coming soon!

Anyone wishing to contact Billy can e-mail me and I'll pass it on.  Thanks   dan@hohenwaldspeedway.com


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